Deltasal OS range ( Optically sorted )

Following our quality policy, we are aware that besides presenting to the market an excellent quality of sea salt with multiple and demanding certifications in its different granulometries, having a very complex and sophisticated washing system, and applying rigorous controls in all production processes, due to our natural origin of sea water and the crystallization and collection of the salt in our salt works, we cannot guarantee the total absence of visible insoluble matters in our salt, although its percentage is practically null, and its level is well below other salts of our competition and is much lower than the maximum tolerance of the B. O.E. for sea salt.


In this sense and to give satisfaction to all those customers who require a sea salt totally free of insoluble or visual foreign bodies, we present our Deltasal Optically Sorted Range in 3 granulometries of dry salt such as T-1, T-3 and T3/4 that we supply in bags and BB, and that has undergone a process of review and cleaning by means of a modern optical detector, to cover the needs of a very particular and demanding market, such as packaging companies mainly of condiments, spices and grinders that repackage our sea salt in their packaging with their own brand, and are oriented to the final consumer in the Retail channel or in the Large Distribution (B2C).

Deltasal OS range ( Optically sorted ) presentations