Coarse dry salt type T-3/4

The coarse dry sea salt type T-3/4 corresponds to the salt harvested of crystallizer that has undergone a process of washing by spinning, a grinding, a drying and specific screening process to obtain a specific coarse grain size and with physicochemical characteristics determined by its data sheet.

Main areas of application of the Coarse dry salt type T-3/4

  • Retail, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Cash and Horeca

    Cocina | Grinders / Molinillos

  • General Industry

    Alimentación en general para el segmento Ecológico, y para uso en todas aquellas agroindustrias que necesiten el ingrediente sal certificada ecológica.

Coarse dry salt type T-3/4 presentations

  • BigBag 1000-1200kg

    BigBag 1000-1200kg

    Presentation 1 Bigbag
    Palletizing Pallet optional
  • 25kg Sack

    25kg Sack

    Presentation 40 sacks total
    Palletizing 5 sacks per layer x 8 layers high / European pallet