Extraction and production of sea salt

Salt Blocks

Salt is a product for a specialized market intended for animal feed as supplement and food corrector to improve the health, fertility, reproduction, milk, meat and skin quality of animals in general.

Taking advantage of the appetite for salt intake and the need on the part of animals, salt blocks can contribute with different minerals, trace elements and vitamins needed, to alleviate nutritional deficiencies present in extensive cattle ranching.

When the amount of mineral is very important mineral,the salt is supplemented with molasses to increase the palatability of the block.

Depending on the type of livestock, delivery times, growth, development or maintenance, age of animals (pregnancy, lactation, fattening) and other factors (diet, seasonality, pasture),a variety of corrective formulation can be made to target each case or type of Livestock.

The Salt blocks are classified by their type of salt, by weight, by its formulation or chemical composition and specific use for each particular type of Cattle.