Extraction and production of sea salt

Pure Salt Tablets

Softening Salt Tablets

Pure Salt tablets are formed from the dry fine vaccum salt, that through a mechanical process is compacted in the form of round tablets, with an approximate weight of 18 grams per tablet and with physical-chemicals characteristics in accordance with their technical specifications.

Main areas of application of the Pure Salt Tablets

  • Softening, Water Treatment and swimming pools

    Saltwater Electrolysis Systems | Regenerating Water Agent | Brine

    Water softener Water treatment Consumer Industrial Small companies Domestic Best quality

    It is our offer of pure salt compacted into tablets especially recommended for use in discalingwater treatment and swimming pools for customers looking for a salt in a regular and unique format with the best quality for salt purity.

    This salt meets the quality standard UNE-EN 973

  • Retail, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Cash and Horeca

    Dishwasher salt / Coffe makers


  • sea salt packaging

    Format 25kg Sack

    Presentation 40 sacks total

    Palletizing 5 sacks per layer x 8 layers high / European pallet