Extraction and production of sea salt

Fomento Coarse wet sea Salt

Fomento Coarse wet sea Salt

The coarse sea salt type  Fomento corresponds to the salt collected from the crystallizer which has undergone a washing, spinning and controlled grinding processes that gives granulometry semi coarse. Its physicochemical characteristics determined by its data sheet.

Main areas of application of the Fomento Coarse wet sea Salt

  • Agriculture


  • Livestock

    Animal feed (cattle, horses, sheeps and goats)

    Cattle Bovine Equine Ovine Sheep
  • General Industry

    Hams | Skins and furs (tanneries) | Salting of Fish, anchovies


  • sea salt packaging

    Format BigBag 1000-1200kg

    Presentation 1 Bigbag

    Palletizing Pallet optional

  • sea salt packaging

    Format Bulk

    Presentation Bulk in dump truck

    Palletizing - /dump truck

  • sea salt packaging

    Format 25kg Sack

    Presentation 40 sacks total

    Palletizing 5 sacks per layer x 8 layers high / European pallet