Extraction and production of sea salt

Deicing semi coarse sea Salt Class B

Deicing Sea Salt Class B. Medium Granulometry (grain size)

Corresponds to our natural sea salt especially for roads, with a sodium chloride content less than 98%, which has just undergone a screening and grain classification.

Main areas of application of the Deicing semi coarse sea Salt Class B

  • Deicing and Snow melting

    Prevention of ice formation and deicing of roads

    It is our sea salt Class B ideal for direct use on roads.


  • sea salt packaging

    Format BigBag 1000-1200kg

    Presentation 1 Bigbag

    Palletizing Pallet optional

  • sea salt packaging

    Format Bulk

    Presentation Bulk in dump truck

    Palletizing - /dump truck

  • sea salt packaging

    Format 25kg Sack

    Presentation 40 sacks total

    Palletizing 5 sacks per layer x 8 layers high / European pallet