Softening, Water Treatment and swimming pools

The chemical composition of the salt and its content in Na (sodium) can and exchange the Ca (Calcium) ion in the water stream and retain it in the discaler resins thus eliminating the lime from the water, achieving a series of advantages such as having a softer and better tasting water, better performance household appliances, save on detergents and soaps, have softer hair and skin.

Salt Pools once dissolved in water and its elements separated, namely salt chloride (Cl), is the main raw material for the manufacture of chlorine by electrolytic processes. The combination of oxygen, hydrogen and chloride are combined in the electrodes forming chlorine whose main objective is to disinfect the swimming pool water.

The main advantages of the application of salt in the Saline chlorination are:

  • Healthier Water as it is an antiseptic water.
  • Preserves the environment by saving water replacement for several years.
  • Safer system since there is not chemicals handling.
  • It is much cheaper since no chemicals are used and salt for swimming pools is an affordable product.
  • System easy to operate and convenient to use.

Depending on whether the type of salt is sea salt or Industrial Salt, moisture content, format and presentation, we can classify the current INFOSA offering for applications in Softening Salt, Water Treatment and swimming pools as detailed: