The extraordinary contribution of salt in the diet of animals is essential for proper growth, development and reproduction of livestock that intake very little salt in their natural diet.

The content of the Na salt (sodium) and Cl (chloride), are essential to avoid dehydration, promote digestion and assimilation of food, improving animals health in general.

The lack of minerals in the diet leads to low meat and milk productivity, heat(on heat) and decreased fertility and poor general health in animals.

The benefits of proper intake of salt and minerals in the diet of the animals, in addition of preventing diseases typical of a low-salt diet, are many and all are aimed at improving animal nutrition, increasing productivity rates of both quality and quantity of meat, milk, skin, fertility and birthrate of animals.

The simplest and more practical way to provide salt in the diet of animals is through the blocks of salt with natural minerals for animals under extensive grazing or pasture compound feed with salt.