Deicing and Snow melting

The deicing salt is the cheapest agent there is. This type of road salt is easy to store and manipulate its supply and application is simple. Its environmental impact is minimal when used and stored properly.

As there is no single code implemented in Europe for the use of different types of salts that exist for deicing and snow melting, internal regulations of each country will determine the type of deicing salt and method of use.

Special deicing Sea Salts

Sea salt for use on roads is considered the most environmentally friendly and natural salt that exists for the use of road salt and brine manufacturing for use in silos, for its high content of sodium chloride, its low % content in corrosive sulfates for the asphalt and low content in insoluble, prevents the appearance of typical sludge that clogs the filters and reduces cleaning time.

Depending on the size of sea salt grain, the moisture content, the % of purity in sodium chloride, the method of application and presentation, our sea salt can classify the different qualities as follows: